Sunday, September 26, 2010

A basic left 4 dead map I made using valve Hammer.

Wow two blog posts in a day. Well it is Sunday so I don't have anything better to so I thought I'd write this. Yesterday I was writing about the 10 best left 4 dead 1 and 2 custom maps. Well I always wondered how difficult it was to make a custom map by yourself. So using a few guides I'd found on the net and the L4D authoring tools. I set to work and I can tell you it was not easy.

The picture above is the making process of map in valve Hammer.
The map is basically a l4d survival map where your are in a forest and there is a barn to hold out in. The radio activated the horde and the survival timer begins. The whole production process of the map took about 4 days. FOUR DAYS just to make that. This little experiment really made me appreciate how much time and effort the mod community puts into making custom content for left 4 dead. Anyway if you want to try out my very basic map it can be downloaded at the link below.


  1. My laptop is too slow to run L4D. U should be upgrading to a desktop.. :P
    Nice map btw!

  2. cool article. nice map

    add me back i added you.

  3. looking pretty good, keep up the good work :D